The Warehouse
With four separate temperature controlled, ethylene absorbing coolers, large dock , and spacious sorting and re-pack area, Tavilla has become one of Southern California's premier 'mix-loading' shipping facilities. Scroll down for a closer look.

We receive, store, repack and customize orders to the specifications of our customers while remaining cost competitive. Our clientele includes both large and small chain stores, wholesalers and purveyors.

This is our new, state-of-the-art repack machine, hard at work.
Our Latin Department stocks a full line of Hispanic specialties, including all varieties of chile peppers. We grade and repack our chiles daily for our discerning customers.







We developed our lime program directly with growers in Veracruz Mexico, and we offer an FOB purchase program in McAllen, Texas. We re-grade our limes for size and quality here in L.A. to meet the high standards of our customers.





One of the country's largest importers of Mangoes, Our tropical fruit department is noted for consistent year-round supply, quality and value-added repack capabilities. As one of L.A.'s top importers of coconuts, we pioneered the "grooved and wrapped" product.




Our modern storage facility includes 10,000 square feet of  space. Our four separate temperature controlled coolers are equipped with ethylene eaters. This ensures that your product receives expert care. We operate our own fleet of refrigerated bobtail trucks and can deliver anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area.

Visit our FACTS AND BENEFITS page for an itemized list of reasons to do business with Tavilla Sales Co.

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