Our Trucks and Dock

Our four 'refer' bobtail trucks speed delivery of your produce items throughout Southern California at optimal temperature, to ensure the maximum shelf-life.

Delivery Hours: Mon.- Fri. 10PM - 3PM
                         Saturday   2AM - Noon
Located off the street in the spacious Alameda Trade center, Tavilla Sales has 120 feet of dock space, ensuring quick, "no-hassle" pickups and deliveries. We can accommodate eight trucks at a time.

And we have coffee and clean restrooms for the comfort and convenience of you drivers

Click Here for Map and Directions




With our experienced shipping staff just a few steps away, you'll always get prompt, accurate information on the status of your order. And orders can be changed or modified as per your request.

For a more detailed description of our services, visit our FACTS AND BENEFITS page.




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