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With an oval shape, and about the size of a large apple, mangoes have green skin that blushes red when ripe. Inside, the orangey-yellow fruit surrounds a large, slender white seed. Mangoes will remind you of peaches and pineapples, but spicier and more fragrant. Mangoes can be substituted in any recipe that calls for peaches, papayas or nectarines. Mangoes come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Click HERE for descriptions of our four major commercial varieties.

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...A larger fruit, green-yellow in color and sometimes with a red blush. fiberless, juicy, with a sweet, rich flavor. A popular mid-season variety.

Haden...Medium sized, yellow in color with a red-orange blush. Moderate fiber, mild in flavor. One of the earliest varieties available each year.

Tommy Atkins...A colorful fruit often turning dark red. Firm flesh and small seed. Usually ready as Hadens finish, "Tommy" has good storage quality. High in fiber.

Keitt...A large fruit with a purplish-pink blush, on a yellow-green background. Juicy and low in fiber. Rich flavor and small seed earn its reputation as one of the finest late varieties.



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